Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems

Welcome to the Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems (CAES) group of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

Our mission is to perform research and education on energy-efficient and dependable embedded systems.

Enorme besparing op chipontwerp mogelijk

ICT-onderzoekers van de Universiteit Twente hebben een programmeertaal ontwikkeld waardoor het mogelijk is de enorme kosten van het ontwerpen van hardware beheersbaar te houden. Tijdens het ontwerpproces van nieuwe chips gebruiken fabrikanten al twintig jaar dezelfde technieken. Daarbij moet na elke stap in het ontwerpproces uitvoerig getest worden. Dat kost veel geld. De moderne, zogenaamde functionele programmeertaal maakt het mogelijk vooraf te bewijzen dat ontwerptransformaties honderd procent foutloos zijn.


"Chip uit de regio de ruimte in"

At the end of the ESA project at CAES, the TSP consortium organised a demonstration day.

The Tracking, tracing, Sensoring Platform (TSP) aims to research and develop of a new generation of electronic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for commercial use. With TSP technology it is possible to trace the precise location of a tag and communicate with it.

Potential applications for the tracking and calculation power of TSP include logistics and supply management, registration of office equipment, and tracking of people and material in the built environment and at airports. For example, hospital out-patients could be directed to the right department via smart signs that read information from an RFID tag in their hospital id cards.

Below is an extract of the article from the local newspaper "De Gelderlander" covering this event (unfortunately only available in Dutch):

Wannneer de Europese ruimtevaartorganisatie ESA in 2020 een sonde naar de planeet Jupiter stuurt wordt daarbij gebruik gemaakt van een in Oost-Nederland ontwikkelde chip. Het is een van de nieuwe ontwikkelingen die gisteren bij apparatenfabriek Nedap in Groenlo getoond werden.


STW valorisation grant awarded to Wim Korevaar

Wim Korevaar of the Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems chair has been awarded the STW valorization grant, phase 2, for his proposal on ‘structuring the web’ for organizations.

Nowadays, many websites contain a wealth of information. But how often are employees and customers drowned by the amount of information and navigation options, and how much revenue and time are lost?

In recent years an innovative search technology has been developed by StructWeb ( StructWeb is a visual search engine which shows search results like an hierarchic tree.


Else Kooi Prize 2013 for Mark Oude Alink

The Else Kooi Prize is given to young researchers for applied semiconductor research in the Netherlands.

The 2013 Award of Euro 5.000,- will be given to Mark Oude Alink at ICT.OPEN 2013 for his PhD research work at the University of Twente on “RF Spectrum Sensing in CMOS Exploiting Crosscorrelation”.

Thanks to the techniques of Mark, spectrum analyzers- which normally are very expensive and bulky professional machines- can be integrated on a microchip. This way, new low-cost applications can be explored, such as finding free spectrum for wireless communications, or self-diagnosis of Integrated Circuits.