Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems

Welcome to the Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems (CAES) group of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

Our mission is to perform research and education on energy-efficient and dependable embedded systems.

Robert de Groote receives PhD degree 'cum laude'

On Friday the 5th of February, PhD candidate Robert de Groote successfully defended his PhD thesis, entitled "On the Analysis of Synchronous Dataflow Graphs - a system-theoretic perspective". Robert was awarded a PhD degree with honours ('cum laude').

Robert continues his work in the CAES group as a postdoctoral researcher, on the project POLCA, where he applies synchronous dataflow to the modelling of regular computational structures, and their mapping onto heterogeneous hardware architectures.

Best paper award at RFID 2015

Jordy Huiting, a PhD student of the CAES group, was awarded the Best Paper Award at the 5th international EURASIP workshop on RFID technology, RFID'2015, held October 22-23 in Rosenheim, Germany. Jordy's paper is enttitled:

"Near field phased array DOA and range estimation of UHF RFID tags".

Best paper award

H.G. Kerkhoff and H. Ebrahimi have won the best paper award for their paper titled "Intermittent Resisitive Faults in Digital CMOS Circuits". The paper is published in IEEE 18th International symposium on design and diagnostics of electronic circuits and systems, held 22-24 April 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia.

CAES PhD Joost Hausmans received his doctorate degree ‘cum laude’

CAES PhD Joost Hausmans received his doctorate degree ‘cum laude’ for his thesis entitled: “Abstractions for Aperiodic Multiprocessor Scheduling of Real-Time Stream Processing Applications”

Real-time stream processing applications often have a dynamic character. Execution times of the tasks and processing rates of the tasks vary and can even be data dependent. The systems on which these applications execute thus have to support this dynamic behavior. The tasks of the stream processing applications are therefore executed data-driven on run-time scheduled resources.


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